Wednesday, May 13, 2009

O2 Treehouse Launches Billboard Tents LLC

Billboard Tents Save Vinyl from Ever Reaching the Landfill

O2 Treehouse and Vertu Studio have joined efforts in the creation of Billboard Tents LLC. Like plastic bottles, vinyl from old billboards sits in our landfills indefinitely. Billboard Tents is not only a smart diversion for this material but a functional and abstract alternative to any pop up shelter.
  • Billboard Tents offers unique, customizable, durable, and affordable 19’ domes starting at $1250.
  • Great for events, backyard entertainment, storage, children’s clubhouse, personal retreat, and more.
  • Billboard Tents are currently available immediately for purchase and rent online.
  • Every customer has the option to handpick the artwork that will be included in their tents canopy.
  • On April 16th Billboard Tents staged a product release exhibiting the tent in the artist camping area at the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs California.
For additional information on Billboard Tents contact Dustin Feider at 612 636-6656.

The Blum House

The Blum House build began on February 1st 2009. Dustin's first meeting with the clients sparked inspiration from Antonio Scarpe, a designer whose work focuses on exploring how we experience space.