Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New! 1, 2, Treehouse

1 - 2 - Treehouse

1) How big, how much, how long?
1 - 2 - Treehouse is the inexpensive choice for an awe-inspiring custom treehouse. The basic model is a 5' x 5' x 5' enclosed structure with trap door, rope ladder, bucket lift, 2 walkie talkies, and 7-day installation for $1,500.

2) You collaborate in the design process.
We can reuse your own favorite materials (such as cool architectural salvage) to give your treehouse a personal touch, you can even join in the process if you feel so inspired! Incorporating your own ideas into the design will make this a fun experience for the whole family.

3) Enjoy your new leafy lounge!
Set up an art studio, create a homework hang-out, throw a treehouse party...the possibilities are endless for enjoying your beautiful new haven! O2 Treehouse makes treehouses a fun and safe backyard retreat for fostering creativity and learning in kids and adults alike.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bamboo Play Structure

The Healy-Browns came to me looking to build a unique plays structure in their back yard for their two boys highly adapt in the art of climbing. The only constraint a back yard not big enough for a Volkswagen Bug.

This back yard bamboo play structure is constructed using a tensegrity tri-pod. It includes two hanging platforms, cat walk, bamboo sanctuary, and several axes rope ladders. A climbing rope hangs
between the two platforms for a quick escape and rope swing. One of the best features of the bamboo wonderland is a long cat walk that exstends into the bamboo thicket with walls of live bamboo. If the sun of the upper platforms proves to hot this cat walk is a perfect shaded cooridoor to chill out and spy on the action in the back alley. If your monkey worthy a sly exit goes through branches to the ground level, a magician would never know the better.

The structure foot print takes up no more than 80 square feet which allows for easy axess and foot traffic to the back garage exit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mulholland Final Design

The designs have been finalized and construction has begun on the Mulholland Treehouse. All of the wood used on structure is FSC certified. The piece will consist of 70 vertical slats that circle a 10' diameter cylindrical low-fat steel super structure. The piece in its final resting place will hang at a height of ~20' in a CA Live Oak.

Its form was inspired by the steep terrace embankment where the structure will be viewed from. Its long sweeping curved pieces will bio mimic the aesthetic of the surrounding forest and blend into the environment. The "blind" style posture of the slats when lit at night will cast a subtle gradient upon each individual slat also filling the forest with slender rays of light.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Shortly after arriving in our new home in Oakland CA this week, we wasted no time and dove head first into our newest project, this rad dual-level treehouse for a family located near Topanga State Park in Los Angeles CA.

The two platforms will be encircled by vertical slats, and accessed by the classic rope ladder to trap door entry. It will feature not only the large porthole window on the open upper deck that you see here, but also several small round portholes on the lower deck, so that the kids will be able to peep out from their covered play area during inclement weather or when they just feel like hiding out.

The structure will be composed mainly of Forest Stewardship Certified kiln-dried Grade A Douglas Fir, steel hoops, and of course, supportive cables used to safely anchor the house.

More details and renderings of the final design to follow!