Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Copper Nest - Menomonee Falls WI

The clients’ major desire was to transform their existing back yard into a space suitable to entertain a party of 200 but still retain an intimate feeling for guests in small numbers. A beautiful open plan ranch home set on a triangle cul de sac lot, the property’s best asset was the densely wooded acre along the back third portion of the land, facing the exposed basement. Located just outside of Milwaukee WI, this locale enjoys the full richness and beauty of the changing seasons. Therefore, O2 Treehouse’s approach was to create a fully immersed forest environment that would tie in their pre-existing deck, with a size increase that would support larger numbers yet still remain small enough not to deter from the natural beauty of the garden/forest environment.
The Copper Nest Sequoia was also customized with 45 steel awnings, given a rust patina to lend a weathered, bucolic aesthetic, and a fully screened in canopy to protect it’s guests from those that buzz and bite.