Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bamboo Yoga Dome

Together with the Vibe Tribe of Los Angeles headed by Bobby Israel and O2 Treehouse we began construction and development of the bamboo yoga dome. This backyard marvel is situated snugly in the soon to be zened out backyard garden of this Venice community home. With the help of almost 15 volunteers who stopped in intermittently throughout the day to help create the bamboo split frame work the its nautilus like shape was brought to life within hours. There are still many tweaks that need to be done to it says Bobby including a illumine-scent canopy, a maple floor made of recycled gym floors, and possibly some led lighting around the floor edge.

Once it is complete a notice will be sent out to the neighborhood inviting them to take part in weekly yoga gatherings. Visionary community builder extraordinaire Bobby Isreal believes there should be more activities that bring neighbors together and create a strengthened sense of place within their community. Yoga gatherings is just the start.

On the Building
The frame was constructed using roughly 35 - 40' bamboo splits. The splits range in width between two and three inches wide and can withstand extreme dynamic bending nearly 3' in radius. The splits are woven together in a basket weave style which brings surprising strength once the structure is filled out enough. The process is quite entertaining as the team weaving the splits, usually consisting of about 6 people, must yell out a cadence that is kin to chants from a pro tug of war team. In this case your competition is intense friction from the rubbing of the bamboo splits. With credits to the Bamboo DNA team ours consisted of a sharp "yup yup" for go forward and "back back" for reverse. We will have video footage up soon if your curiosity has been captured. Keep an eye out for future posts on the Bamboo Yoga Dome as we move the project forward.


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