Tuesday, August 19, 2008

224 Slats!

The rope bridge wood was completed only moments ago. 224 slats 360 feet of cable slung across the valley and countless hours of Josh and Jamin's tireless work has brought us to the point where we can begin assembling the rope bridge. Today we will also tighten the cables between the diamond plates in preparation to hoist the rope bridge floor.

Were getting really excited to get the bridge up. The netting is on order and were in good standing. We are going to be pouring concrete footing soon for the zip line platform and entry stairs into the Frequency 0.

We will try to post more often as we are now getting into the final steps of the project. Bridge, frq. 0 steps, rope ladder into the sphere, and finishing details!

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Fathouse said...

Great post! Getting exciting. Spoke to Bernardo. He will pour concrete in the next couple days. He'll update us tomorrow.