Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So... can you picture it? We can. This will be the trajectory of the main connecting rope bridge. Today was an exciting day as we now have two free floating platforms to stand in. All that wood you saw in the last posting is transforming into the frequency O platform. Its a lot of wood to haul to the back of the valley but Elyses' strong back is getting the job done.

There is a new development regarding the entry into the treehouse world. Instead of a rope bridge entry into the treehouse there will be a swirling staircase that will intercept the main ropebridge at the entry into the spherical treehouse. This will give the treehouse goer many options upon entering the treehouse fantasy. Go left to the diamond shaped treehouse or go right to the spherical treehouse or decide you don't like treehouses because you remember your afraid of heights and you'ed rather be standing on the ground.

Were all looking forward to getting started on the rope bridges and connecting the two structures. After the completion of the frq. O deck this will be the next mission. So stay tuned in.

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Pat said...

Greetings from Deer Park, TX. Looks smashing! Keep it up guys!!!