Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New! 1, 2, Treehouse

1 - 2 - Treehouse

1) How big, how much, how long?
1 - 2 - Treehouse is the inexpensive choice for an awe-inspiring custom treehouse. The basic model is a 5' x 5' x 5' enclosed structure with trap door, rope ladder, bucket lift, 2 walkie talkies, and 7-day installation for $1,500.

2) You collaborate in the design process.
We can reuse your own favorite materials (such as cool architectural salvage) to give your treehouse a personal touch, you can even join in the process if you feel so inspired! Incorporating your own ideas into the design will make this a fun experience for the whole family.

3) Enjoy your new leafy lounge!
Set up an art studio, create a homework hang-out, throw a treehouse party...the possibilities are endless for enjoying your beautiful new haven! O2 Treehouse makes treehouses a fun and safe backyard retreat for fostering creativity and learning in kids and adults alike.

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Lazlow said...

Sounds like a great package. Not clear if this installed onsite or DIY. Also do you have limited areas that you serve (we are in NC and I think this would be great?)