Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mulholland Final Design

The designs have been finalized and construction has begun on the Mulholland Treehouse. All of the wood used on structure is FSC certified. The piece will consist of 70 vertical slats that circle a 10' diameter cylindrical low-fat steel super structure. The piece in its final resting place will hang at a height of ~20' in a CA Live Oak.

Its form was inspired by the steep terrace embankment where the structure will be viewed from. Its long sweeping curved pieces will bio mimic the aesthetic of the surrounding forest and blend into the environment. The "blind" style posture of the slats when lit at night will cast a subtle gradient upon each individual slat also filling the forest with slender rays of light.

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jk said...

Super work. As an aside, both of your email addresses listed on the site appear to be bouncing back. Is there an alternate address I could reach you at? Appreciated!