Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design Feature: Playa Del Carman Eco Village Designs

Original Treehouse Design Requirements:

  • 3-4 treehouse each must accommodate 2-4 people
  • Simple bed table to store books clothing etc.
  • Sitting area
  • Clear area around the tree for storage of travelers things
  • Ground bathrooms
  • Treehouse viewing platform to view birds and other tropical wonders
  • Stair case access to the treehouses

The preliminary designs for the Playa Del Carman treehouses use the classic O2 Treehouse geodesic sphere style but raise it to a new level with its double sphere outer frame which functions on several different levels.  These include:

  • Structural support of wrap around outer porch
  • Support of palapa armature (palm frond roofing style)
  • Outer sun shield with rotatable flaps which will help channel upper canopy breezes and aleviate the extreme humidity and heat of the jungle environment
  • Double ceiling to help insulate structure from extreme mid day direct sun
  • Provides entry way for circular stairway
  • Dynamic visual presence

We are still within the design phase of the structures but instals are slated for next summer. Check back in for continued design updates!

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