Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello to all. Although the last couple months the headlines on the O2 Treehouse blog have been rather slow I want to inform you that it is not due to any lack of news worthy headlines, events or completed builds!

In an effort to keep the reader fully informed of the O2 Treehouse story many of the forthcoming posts will be blasts from the past! If yourwondering what is in store here are a few curiosities to peak your interest.

  • Old gym floors and yoga
  • The most awesome bamboo tensegrity back yard play structure ever, actually probably the only...
  • Portugal, bamboo, treehouses and 8 days of crazy loud trance music
  • 100 eco huts strong, What will the future hold?...
  • Add to your O2 Treehouse vocabulary the Term "TreePee"
  • The Orange Pod that is not Orange + all salvaged material!
  • A telephone pole, Santa Monica Building and Safety, and plutonic objects
  • Give me some of that good old Texas *&^% Geodesics!!
  • Lightning In a Bottle, Red Lighting, and more bamboo
  • The Isreal Project soon to come?
  • Lunar Lander, Electric Daisy, Ground Geo, or the Prophesied Vibe Tribe Activation Station?
  • Popular Mechanics:
  • Air France back for more...
  • Design Feature: Mulholand I love you
  • The long awaited all bamboo treehouse!!: Designs, schedule, build potential is in the air
  • Design Feature: Palm fronds, and air foils Jungle feaver no more
  • Design Feature: Climbing Gyms Unite
  • Seriously People The Stealth
  • Design Feature: Tesegrity Tree