Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goodbye and Thanks Wade!

Yesterday I gave the team the day off after working 90 hours in a week and a half! A well deserved break. We went to Santa Monica and hung out on the beach/pier. It was also Wade's last day on the job unfortunately so we decided to give him a farewell send off. Fortunately for Wade after many rounds of interviewing he was chosen for the position of Gortex "Rain Van" tour manager. The Wade of all Trades will be touring the country in a big van for the next six months soaking people in the back of his artificial storm Gortex van.

Today was a productive day with an early start. We stained all of the frq. 2 floor panels and created the floor curb. We also installed many of the permanent 1/2 aircraft cable hanging components. We also laid and cut the cable for the main rope bridge cables and zip line. Tomorrow we will finally start installing the floor beams and floor panels.

Elyse has been trying her hand in the kitchen lately and scored high marks with the team tonight after cooking up a breaded lemon chicken delight with all the fixins'. Go Elyse! We don't mind testing her creations. Thanks to Mark and Jen for their gracious hospitality! We're keeping the place tidy with frequent sweep jobs.

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Gail said...

I am Gail Flackett, Jennifer's mom, and a fan of contemporary architecture and sustainable building. I am so excited with the project. I look forward with enthusiasm to see the treehouse, and hope that I can handle all those ladders to make my way there!! I look forward to reading more on your blog, Dustin.