Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally We Can Stand.

The floor is installed and it is beautiful. The best floor we have done I do think! The grains are matching up wonderfully and it looks really top notch against the greens we chose. We are raising the canopy this morning, and we plan to have the whole thing complete by the end of the day.

We are quite excited for you all to get back and see everything. We made a large purchase yesterday of swivel hoist rings, which is really only exciting if you are an O2 Treehouse nerd. They're pretty slick lookin'! We haven't been enjoying the pool much as the weather has been pretty mild here. Surprisingly since we were expecting to be working in much hotter weather. Of course working in the shade helps.

I met with Bernardo yesterday and we discussed how we would stabilize the rope bridge on the ground. Tomorrow we will start assembling the frq. 0. There is a chance that the frame might be up when you get back.... stay tuned.

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