Friday, July 25, 2008

We Leveled the Treehouse!

We just leveled the treehouse! No, not destructed it... its perfectly level! We also lined up the fraq.2 entry to the rope bridge with the frq.0. Its going to be so sweet! Now time to slip in all of the floorboards. The canopy is connected to all of its plates and ready to be hoisted up once the floor is in. After that...not much at all. Elyse will give it the finishing touches and TLC that it deserves. The struts are waiting at the bottom of V3 and the cable is laid across the valley.

Our next big task is to purchase the wood for the rope bridge and assemble the frequency 0.

Mark and Jen, if any of your friends are avid metal detecting pros they will have a field day in your woods with all of the hardware that we have dropped on the ground!

Gail we certainly hope that we have a chance to meet you before we leave. If you are a fan of contemporary architecture I'm sure the treehouse will be a delight for you...and quite a surprise! Its one thing to see it in a picture but its another world to see it in person and get up in the tree. I'm sure you'll have no problem with the rope bridges, we're making them as easy, safe, and user-friendly as we can!

I talked with Bernardo today and he is going to come over so we can consider our options.

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Fathouse said...

Congratulations! Hey, what are your thoughts on hanging hammocks inside the treehouse if kids wanted to sleep up there? Would there be ways to affix hammock inside sealed treehouse?