Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Escape

We escaped from Colorado on the 14th and arrived in California on the morning of the 16th. Everyone was pretty burnt out from the long drive but we put in  a full day setting up shop, painting the frq. 0 struts, riveting the frq. 2 canopy and hauling materials down to the tree.  After a good nights rest we started strong on the installation of the frq. 2.  Wade accompanied me in the tree as we hoisted the top and bottom half up into position Thursday and Friday.  The frq. 2 structure has gone up very quickly with out any trouble from the tree.  Today we plan on connecting the top and bottom hemispheres and installing the floor beams. Our goal is to get the structure completed by the 22nd.  The team is very appreciative of the comfortable accommodations and would like to thank you guys for allowing us to stay here during the build! 

Today is slow start as some of us are getting over some cold symptoms we seam to have caught on the way out.

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Fathouse said...

Looking good guys. Send us pictures!

Mark and Jen