Monday, July 21, 2008

We finished the the skeleton today. It looks crazy out there, kind of like Mardi Gras took place in your backyard... there are multi-coloured straps hanging from all over the place. 

Kind of cool how you can't really see it in the picture (but we swear its there)!

Tomorrow we are installing all of the cables to hold the structure permanently. Then, da da da, putting in the floor beams and hopefully get the floor itself laid out.

We had a visit from Bernardo and Elisa? (the wonderful cleaning woman) today. Neither of them knew quite what to think. As most people don't when you tell them you are building a treehouse and then show them a large steel dome hanging in the tree. They were both quite impressed though.

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Fathouse said...

Looking good! Is Bernardo going to help you in any way? Grading path? Laying railroad ties? Dropping cement posts?