Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Was That?

It was an exciting day around here. Late this morning we all felt our first earthquake. We were glad to hear that there were no reported casualties, and that it wasn't bad here. It was quite bizarre though, not experiencing it before we weren't sure what was happening at first. Elyse was up in the treehouse and it gave her a good scare. 

We made huge strides today. Most of the canopy is up and we are installing the curb on the floor. Most of the day was spent assembling the frq. 0 and maneuvering it around V3. When it is up there will be a perfect spot to hang a hammock, I know you guys were wondering about that. It is quite hard getting back to the yard so we are going to clear a path through the riverbed soon. 

We are looking forward to tomorrow and moving on with two treehouses at the same time! We haven't done it before so its pretty motivating!

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